Memorial Ash Keepsakes

Memorial Ash Keepsakes

How much ash is required?

Only a small amount of ash is required.
• Jewellery: 1 teaspoon per keepsake
• Glass Keepsakes: 2 teaspoons per keepsake

What happens to any remaining ash?

  • Any remaining ash will be shipped back to you, along with your finished product.

How should I package the ash? 

  • We suggest that you place the ash inside 2 ziplock sealed bags (one inside the other) and then inside a standard white envelope with your name and order number clearly marked.
  • Our courier will collect this envelope directly from you (place it inside their plastic company envelope) and deliver it directly to our offices.

Process of shipping ash to us?

  • Once you have notified us that your ash is ready for collection, we will send a courier to your doorstep to collect the ash and bring it back to our offices.
  • We make use of Courier Guy Door-to-Door for our shipping needs.
  • Shipping is usually booked for same day service if you are locally based, else overnight if you live in Cape Town or Durban. Outlaying areas generally takes 2-3 days.
  • You will be provided with a tracking number and will be able to track the progress of your package to our offices.
  • Once your parcel arrives we will send you a note to inform you that your precious parcel is safely in our care.